British Gotland fleece - Dark Grey - The Little Grey Sheep

British Gotland fleece - Dark Grey

Super soft wool from our pedigree flock of Gotland sheep. Gotland is a lustre wool, and originates from the Isle of Gotland in Sweden. A rare breed in the UK we started with just seven ewes in lamb, and now have the largest flock in the country.

We rear the flock on our own farm in the rolling hills of the  Hampshire countryside. Cared for and sheared by Susie at Christmas for ultimate fibre quality. Housed until the warmer weather comes, they are cosseted in oodles of fresh clean straw from the farm, to lamb and keep out of the rain and wind.

Carefully and expertly sheared by Susie to produce minimal second cuts, and professionally sorted to make sure you only get the cleanest, finest wool possible. All our sheep are grazed on weed free pasture for minimal vegetable matter. 

If I would’nt spin with it, I won’t sell it.