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Louet Drop Spindles - Top Whorl

Many spinners start out with a drop spindle, a bit of fiber and the willingness to learn how to spin.

Others skip the drop spindle spinning in favor of a spinning wheel, with which you can spin much faster…. but wait a minute? Spin faster?… Who needs speed anyways, hand spinning is all about creating, loving what you do, and having fun. Hand spinning is a creative outlet, allowing us to literally “spin our dreams” into thread. Create unique fiber blends, color combinations and yarn textures. You are the designer and the master of your own yarn. The yarn you spin is yours by design!

Spindles come in a wide array of designs, weights and sizes. Keep in mind the lighter a spindle the finer yarn you can spin, meaning a heavier spindle (3 to 4 ounces) is most suitable for thicker yarns. We have two spindle types available::

Bottom whorl drop spindle, can vary in weight and designs. Many beginners start with a relative heavy (2 ounces or more) bottom whorl spindle, but you can also learn easily on a top whorl. It is great for beginners as you can support the spindle on a table or chair until you get the hang of it.

Top whorl drop spindles, our most popular spindles. With a little bit of practice the top whorl spindle can spin a lot faster than a bottom whorl, thus putting more twist in your yarn.