British Portland fleece - The Little Grey Sheep

British Portland fleece

Some fabulous fleece from one our traditional breeds. Sold in 100g bags.

The Portland is a heathland breed from the Dorset area, and linked to the Wessex tan-faced group of sheep.

Portlands are relatively small – a typical ewe weighs 38-40kg. The average weight of adult rams is 55kg (at three years old and body condition 3), rarely exceeding 66kg and 65cm at the withers. The body of a Portland is of a primitive type within the Downs breeds, with good width between the legs. The tail is long and set well up on the rump.

The face is a tan colour, but may have lighter areas around the eyes and muzzle. The nose is dark. Some sheep carry a light covering of wool on the forehead, but the rest of the face is free from wool. Horns are light coloured; those of the ram are heavily spiralled; in ewes they curve through a half circle. There is often a black line in one or both horns.

Lambs are born with a foxy red coat which changes in the first few months to creamy white. The wool is close and fine with a short staple, though some red kemp fibres should be found on the britch.

Micron 26 – 31