British Cotswold Shearling fleece - Hand Dyed 20g
British Cotswold Shearling fleece - Hand Dyed 20g
British Cotswold Shearling fleece - Hand Dyed 20g
British Cotswold Shearling fleece - Hand Dyed 20g

British Cotswold Shearling fleece - Hand Dyed 20g

These hand washed and hand dyed locks are from 18 month old shearlings bred in Shropshire and are approx 26-28cm. Sold in 20g bags.

Now classified as a rare breed, Cotswolds are thought to date back to Roman Britain. They provided significant wealth to the area as sheep and fleece was exported to Europe in large amounts during the 15th Century. Before technological advances in the 19th Century only long wool had the ability to be spun into worsted, producing sleek draping cloth. Moreover, even when wool became a more prevalent industry in Australia and South Africa, the long wool and lustre breeds from England, such as Cotswold, proved a more superior fleece for woollen textile manufacture.

Today, Cotswold wool is especially luxurious when hand-combed using wool combs to make a true worsted roving. In true worsted wool there is little or no "itch," because all the tips of the fibers (as they grew on the sheep) point in one direction and the end sheared from the sheep's skin points in the other direction. This produces a knit very like mohair. 

Cotswold wool is exceedingly strong, added by knitters to sock heels and toes to give extra strength to socks, and to elbows in hand-knitted sweaters. When worn in the woodlands, one doesn't leave bits of one's sweater in the brush. To the contrary: The brush is often torn from its stalk by the stout-fibered wool. Cotswold typically has a good body with a pearl like texture which can add real character to your work. When spun it doesn’t need much twist to hold, owing to its length.

The wool attains 8 to 12 inches of growth in a year, and if not shorn promptly in early spring may become matted. It has a Bradford (spinning) count of 36s to 44s, most commonly around 40s. Generally, the tighter the curls of the fleece, the slenderer is the wool. The curly locks are often sold as "Santa Claus Beard" material.


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